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  • Designer Online Help
  • ADAPL Debugger Online Help
  • Programming XSLT stylesheets for Adlib and Axiell
    Underneath the surface of the graphical user interface of your Adlib application and Axiell Collections, records are handled by the software in XML format, which basically is a hierarchically structured text format. Normally, you won’t encounter the XML itself, but you’ll have to know about it if you want to start using XSLT to create output formats or to edit presentation formats for Adlib Office Connect, for your Adlib Internet Server web application or for web browser boxes on application screens, to name but a few. XSLT is a stylesheet language (itself in XML format) to “transform” an XML document to some other document; this may be an XML document with the same structure but with changes made to the data in it, or it can be a differently structured XML document, or an HTML document, a PDF, or some other text file. XML and XSLT are third-party programming technologies, so to properly learn all about them we recommend studying other sources than the document you can download here. In this manual though, you’ll get a quick introduction followed by actual examples applicable to the Adlib or Axiell software, enough to get you started properly.
  • Database integrity tools
    The guide describes five Adlib maintenance tools which can be used to clean up your databases and database structure definitions: ValidateDatabase, RemoveTagsFromData, LinkRefCheck, IndexCheck and ConvertInternalLinks. Running ValidateDatabase is a good idea when you're upgrading to Axiell Collections, while the RemoveTagsFromData, LinkRefCheck and IndexCheck tools are usually only applied when a cleanup of your data is required because of hidden redundant data in records, dead links or problems with search results. The ConvertInternalLinks tool is only required if you'd like to start accessing an Adlib model application older than version 4.2 via Axiell Collections or the Adlib API. Please contact our helpdesk if you'd like to try these tools.
  • Data migration tools
    This manual describes the following tools: import.exe, export.exe, adcopy.exe and adsearch.exe.
  • SDI and e-mail from Adlib
  • SQL Server and Oracle
  • WWWOPAC 6.5.1 reference guide

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