2018-07-26: release Axiell Collections 1.2

Today we release the second update of Axiell Collections 1, offering the bug fixes and new functionality described below.

2018-07-26: relevant bug fixes since release 1.1 (2018-06-22)

Short problem description

Editing a record returned the error message The method or operation is not implemented.

In the Change locations dialog, when validating the Location field, the Context column in the Find data for the field window remained empty.

Write-back fields didn't write data to linked records.

Saving existing records generated an error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Merged in enumerative fields were not displayed.

The Change locations task could no longer be opened.

Non-informative error on record storage: Last operation: Errorm on 5069

Numeric field values were displayed incorrectly.

Logging in took more than 2 minutes.

A standard search on a merged-in link reference field didn't work.

A merged-in (multilingual) field wasn't displayed on screen.

Login was no longer possible if settings.xml Path setting didn't contain a pbk folder.

Location context showed empty in Result set.

Enumerative values printed through an output format produced a neutral value instead of a language value.

The record type wasn't saved.

The question mark icon in dialogs didn't open the online Help any more.

After adding or removing an access point to the Standard search, searching generated a Parameter with index 0 is missing error.

Saving the original file name of uploaded files wasn't working.

Collections didn't display any record data in display mode after navigating to a broader record.

The Close and Fit to screen icons were very small and had a strange position on pop-up screens.

Enable and disable record editor buttons was not working correcly with a grid view.

Resolving a record inside the record editor grid view wasn't working correctly.

Related records widget wasn't working properly in specific cases.

Adding an occurrence in the bulk-create screen inserted multiple occurrences.

The settings dialog in the main menu (on the left) was far too wide.

System icons in title bars of dialog windows had too much interspacing.

After creating a record in the Hierarchy view (location), the record was not shown in the hierarchy.

A saved search based on the dynamic search using the today function was stored with a fixed date.

A simple search with IS EMPTY wasn't returning the correct results.

Clicking the Select button after creating and editing a new term didn't close the Find data for the field window.

When printing using an xslt output format, the output in MS Edge & Internet Explorer showed the html coded content instead of the interpreted report.

The presentation format of Date fields was ignored.

The database selection window showed a horizontal scroll bar although there were no long names.

An HTML field was displayed outside of the box.

Search form entry field labels were displayed wrong in right-to-left languages such as Hebrew.

A date picker didn't allow selecting today's date (other than using the date at the bottom).

Using Bulk create, it was possible to create duplicate values in a uniquely indexed field.

2018-07-10: warning before deletion of terms and names that are in use

Previously, it was possible to delete Thesaurus terms and names from Persons and institutions, which were in use in other records, without any warning. Before deletion you now get a warning that the term or name you are about to delete, is used in another database. If you choose to delete anyway, all link references to this record in other databases will be removed too. This will make sure that no dead links to the removed term/name record remain in other records. Note that the warning dialog never specifies how often the term is used: it only mentions the first encountered record that links to the term or name.


2018-07-09: login changes

After three unsuccessful attempts to log into Collections, you are now blocked from trying again for 5 minutes. If you attempt to log in before that time has past, you'll be warned that your account is (still) locked for a number of minutes. After the 5 minutes have past, a next failed attempt will result in another 5 minute wait.
If the login dialog previously also displayed a drop-down list with a choice of applications to log in to, you'll notice that the drop-down has gone from the (initial) login dialog. Now you first have to log in with your user name and password and if you have access to more than one application a second login dialog will open where you can still pick the application you'd like to work in. This way the Application drop-down list will only show the applications you actually have access to.
Optionally, two-factor authentication may have been set up by your application manager. Two-factor authentication requires you to always log in with your password and an additional unique code which can only be used once: after entering your user name and normal password in the usual login dialog and clicking the Sign in button, a new login dialog will appear and you will immediately receive an e-mail containing the extra authentication code to be copied and pasted into the Authentication code entry field in the second login dialog, after which Sign in will really log you into Collections: a double security measure.
Also optionally, password resetting may have been set up as well. This allows you to reset your password from the Collections login dialog, by clicking the Forgot your password? link in the login dialog, which comes in handy if you forgot what it was.